Study: Homeowner Wealth Is 40 Times Higher Than Renters

Great article from our friends over at NAR. When you’re ready to stop making your landlord rich and become a HOMEOWNER call me! Chris Simpson 231-215-7229 Most owners have earned more than $100,000 in equity over the last decade, but discrepancies among racial groups persists, according to new NAR data. Property appreciation has surged alongContinue reading “Study: Homeowner Wealth Is 40 Times Higher Than Renters”

Attention Renters!

Have you been renting a home for several years, but have often considered buying a home of your own? Let me break the numbers down for you to show how renting is a foolish plan for building wealth! Check out the chart above and tell me how renting is a good plan! You might asContinue reading “Attention Renters!”