The Spring Market Is Coming

The spring market is coming! Are you thinking about selling your home? I will be with you every step of the way! Contact Chris Simpson to begin your journey. Let me be your personal Real Estate expert on the road to SOLD. Call Chris Simpson 231-215-7229. #Muskegon #MuskegonMi #MuskegonMichigan #MuskegonHomes #MuskegonRealtors #SOLD #WestMichiganRealEstate #thehelpfulagent #homeContinue reading “The Spring Market Is Coming”

2023 Is A Great Time For Buyers

Some good information from our friends at Cardinal Financial. Now is the time to purchase a home. The market has definitely slid towards a buyers market. I’m sure things will change as we hit the spring market and interest rates start to drop. Buyers will start to flood back into the market and things willContinue reading “2023 Is A Great Time For Buyers”

Why You Need A Home Inspection

Beware of a Realtor who tries to talk you into waiving your home inspection!!! Even in a competitive situation there are several other ways to make your offer competitive without waiving your home inspection. Do you have questions about home inspections or the buying process? Give Chris Simpson a call and let me help answerContinue reading “Why You Need A Home Inspection”

The Market Isn’t Crashing!!!

There has been a lot of misinformation flying around the housing market, often comparing today’s market to that of 2008-2009 – which can be scary. In reality, the market is not heading for a crash; as mortgage rates slowly drop, the market is stabilizing. If you’re unsure or worried about what’s going on and haveContinue reading “The Market Isn’t Crashing!!!”

Bridge Financing

Understanding all of your financials options and picking the ones that are right for your situation can be a stressful road to walk alone. So, don’t. Let me help answer your questions and I can refer you to a great loan officer along the way! Call Chris Simpson today with all your Real Estate questions.Continue reading “Bridge Financing”

Don’t Procrastinate

Folks often make it a New Years resolution to work on getting better at procrastinating. If your home buying or selling plans have yet to be realized, I want to help change that. Let’s make 2023 the year you make the leap to homeownership. With my help of course 😉 Chris Simpson – 231-215-7229 #MuskegonContinue reading “Don’t Procrastinate”

Why Buy Today?

Yes the market has changed in the last 6 months, but look at the “bottom line” Is the payment going to make much of a difference? We can get you into a payment that fits your needs. Call Chris Simpson today and lets have a discussion about what kind of house payment you want. ChrisContinue reading “Why Buy Today?”

Closing Day!!!

Congratulations to Dustin & Autumn on the purchase of their first home. It’s always an exciting day to help young buyers take a big step to securing their future and building their personal wealth! I’ve known Dustin since he was 6 years old and it’s a awesome day to to be part of his journeyContinue reading “Closing Day!!!”

Closing Day

Congratulations to Michelle on purchasing her first home! She has taken the first step to building her future and personal wealth! I always enjoy helping young people become first time home buyers! Even in “this” market we were able to find a home that worked with her budget and we didn’t have to enter aContinue reading “Closing Day”

Still Closing Deals!

SOLD!!! With all the talk of a crashing market and buyers wanting to sit on the sidelines hoping interest rates come down, there are still plenty of great deals to be had! I’ve been working with a young investor client looking for rentals or potential flips. We closed on this one last week to helpContinue reading “Still Closing Deals!”