Once again, the folks over at KCM keep us well informed with some great information about the current housing market. One of the most important parts of being an agent is being able to have a relevant market opinion based on facts. And this goes beyond just your local data. When you think about it,Continue reading “FACT VS FICTION: THE TRUTH ABOUT TODAY’S HOUSING MARKET”

Things That Could Help You Win a Bidding War on a Home

I’ll be the first to tell my clients that it’s a “dog eat dog” world for buyers in today’s housing market! Many buyers are losing bidding wars on the home of their dreams. This is happening for both cash buyers and financed offers also! The key is not to get discouraged when your first offerContinue reading “Things That Could Help You Win a Bidding War on a Home”

87.5M Buyers Priced Out

Check out this article from NAR (National Association of Realtors) about the number of folks who can’t afford to buy a home in this current market. Bottom line is we need more inventory! It’s a great market to sell your home, but hang on to your shorts if you are a buyer! With that saidContinue reading “87.5M Buyers Priced Out”

How Global Uncertainty Is Impacting Mortgage Rates

Another short article from our friends at keeping current matters. It’s crazy to think a few short years ago I was seeing clients with interest rates at 2.75% and 2.8% on 30 year mortgages! I also think it funny that we now think a 4% interest rate is high…LOL! I’m sure some you older folksContinue reading “How Global Uncertainty Is Impacting Mortgage Rates”

Another Pair of Happy Home Owners

Closing Day!!! It was a great day for Travis and Savanna who closed on their new home today. These two were a pleasure to work with. When we first met they had a pre approval that was tough to work with in this market. I hooked them up with Dan Vaughan from Revolution Mortgage andContinue reading “Another Pair of Happy Home Owners”

Why boutique brokerages have the competitive advantage in a crowded market

This is an excellent article from our friends at inman.com of why working with a locally owned “boutique” Real Estate brokerage like Nexes, can give you an advantage in this tough real estate market! Our team-based approach and customer service always put us above the competition! With a record number of agents competing for inventory,Continue reading “Why boutique brokerages have the competitive advantage in a crowded market”

The Path To Homeownership Can Be Steeper for Some Americans

Another interesting article from our friends over at Keeping Current Matters. If you are sick of renting and making your landlord rich read this short article. I would be more than happy to help you fire your landlord and build your wealth through home ownership! As we celebrate Black History Month, we honor and recognizeContinue reading “The Path To Homeownership Can Be Steeper for Some Americans”

Want Top Dollar for Your House? Now’s the Time To List It.

We are seeing demand for houses at extremely high levels while the inventory remains at all time low levels! This is leading to a continued seller’s market. Many homes sold in the last month have been selling with multiple offers over the listed price. Many buyers are looking at the predictions and current rise inContinue reading “Want Top Dollar for Your House? Now’s the Time To List It.”

The 10 Year Challenge

Great Infographic from our friends at NAR! What’s it going to look like in another 5 years? I would be happy to speak with you about any real estate questions or concerns you may have. Chris Simpson 231-215-7229 Chris SimpsonNexes Realty Inc.880 W. Broadway AveMuskegon, MI 49441

Home Features Prompting More Americans to Move

Check out this great little article from NAR on reasons people are citing for making a move in the current housing market. About 40% of 2,100 Americans recently surveyed say they are considering a move in 2022. Gen Z and millennials, remote workers, renters, and parents with young children are all planning a move, accordingContinue reading “Home Features Prompting More Americans to Move”