Another Closing… Another Happy Client

Congratulations to Travis and Savanna (2.0 Version) on the purchase of their new home! This was my second closing this week and both couples were named Travis and Savanna… What’s the chance of that ever happening again? This was one of those deals that everything fell in line and seemed like it was just meantContinue reading “Another Closing… Another Happy Client”

Saving For A Home Down Payment

I often have clients come to me wanting more information on what it takes to buy a home. One of the first questions I normally ask is “do you have money saved up for a down payment?” Often the answer is no, or the client may have a very minimal savings in their account. ThereContinue reading “Saving For A Home Down Payment”

Rise in Affordable Listings Gives First-Timers Hope

Great Article From the National Association Of Realtors about the rise in affordable home listings going up. I’m happy to know the mid-west is seeing some of the biggest growth in affordable listings! To all my first time home buyers… I say hang in there, the market is getting better for you! Housing inventory isContinue reading “Rise in Affordable Listings Gives First-Timers Hope”

Down Payment Assistance Programs

I hear from many buyers who are looking to purchase a home, but are concerned about coming up with the down payment. Often these buyers have decent credit, but just don’t have the income to save for a down payment! Many lenders and government organizations have recognized this problem and have developed “down payment assistance”Continue reading “Down Payment Assistance Programs”