Equity Gains for Today’s Homeowners

A great article from our friends over at KCM. Yes, the market is not what it was last year, but most folks still have enough equity in their home to make moving possible in 2023. Today’s homeowners are sitting on significant equity, even as home price appreciation has eased recently. If you’re a homeowner, your netContinue reading “Equity Gains for Today’s Homeowners”

Bridge Financing

Understanding all of your financials options and picking the ones that are right for your situation can be a stressful road to walk alone. So, don’t. Let me help answer your questions and I can refer you to a great loan officer along the way! Call Chris Simpson today with all your Real Estate questions.Continue reading “Bridge Financing”

Are You Ready To Buy A Home?

Whatever your most difficult part is, let’s tackle it together. What makes you the most nervous about buying a home? There are plenty of down payment assistance programs that can get you into a home with no down payment if you qualify. Comment below or send me a DM and let’s talk about how IContinue reading “Are You Ready To Buy A Home?”

Renting Vs. Buying a Home

This is a pretty powerful infographic explaining why buying a home is usually the better choice over renting. Check out the average household net worth of renters vs. homeowners! It’s stunning… $8000 (renters) vs. $300,000 (home owners). You want to change your family’s future? You want to create generational wealth? It’s time to stop makingContinue reading “Renting Vs. Buying a Home”

The Sky IS NOT Falling in the Housing Market!!!

Check out this great article from our friends over at KCM. I can’t tell you the number of folks that I’ve heard say the housing market is crashing, “the sky is falling”, and all this other doom and gloom regarding real estate. I beg you to check out the numbers in the graphic above andContinue reading “The Sky IS NOT Falling in the Housing Market!!!”

The Dream of Homeownership Is Worth the Effort

Some good insight for first time home buyers. Once again I thank our friends at KCM for providing some great information to share with our readers. It’s a tough Market out there right now, but I’m still finding homes for my buyers. If you’re ready to start building your personal wealth give Chris Simpson aContinue reading “The Dream of Homeownership Is Worth the Effort”

The Path To Homeownership Can Be Steeper for Some Americans

Another interesting article from our friends over at Keeping Current Matters. If you are sick of renting and making your landlord rich read this short article. I would be more than happy to help you fire your landlord and build your wealth through home ownership! As we celebrate Black History Month, we honor and recognizeContinue reading “The Path To Homeownership Can Be Steeper for Some Americans”