Another Closing… Another Happy Client

Congratulations to Travis and Savanna (2.0 Version) on the purchase of their new home! This was my second closing this week and both couples were named Travis and Savanna… What’s the chance of that ever happening again? This was one of those deals that everything fell in line and seemed like it was just meant to be. I met this couple who was looking at another home which they ended up losing in a multiple offer situation that was a disaster to deal with. A few weeks later I stumbled across another property that happen to be in the neighborhood they had found house number two. To make a long story short they passed on house number two and looked at this one. They got an offer accepted in another multiple offer situation and the rest is history. I have to give a big thanks to VanDyke Mortgage and Mario Flores II for getting this deal done and bringing us to the closing table early!

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