Past Credit Issues Have You Worried About Getting a Mortgage?

I often hear concerns from potential home buyers about issues with their credit history. Many of these folks have good jobs and a steady income, but got punched in the gut by some “life event” in the past. They often think there is no way they will qualify for a mortgage because 7 years hasn’t passed since their credit damaging event.

Not all derogatory credit events take 7 years to clean up your credit. Check out the chart above to see how long that Bankruptcy, foreclosure, Deed-In-Lieu, short sale or other credit issue will take to clear off your history. If you would like to find out more about qualify for a mortgage loan, please reach out to my friend Mario Flores at VanDyke Mortgage (231)332-6505

When Mario gets you pre-approved give me a call and let’s start shopping for that dream home!!! 231-215-7229

Chris Simpson
Nexes Realty Inc.
880 W. Broadway Ave
Muskegon, MI 49441

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