The Proven Health Benefits of Gardening

As spring approaches we often start thinking about getting outside at completing our spring yard work. What if we didn’t think of spending time outside as “work”, but more of a whole body workout experience!

Like many of you out there, my wife and I planted a garden during the Spring 2020 Covid-19 lock down. It kinda started as an end of the world food preparation (Hey… We didn’t know where this was going to go 🙂 ), but ended up being a more relaxing hobby.

Neither of us really had a “green” thumb, but we grew enough herbs, tomatoes, and jalapenos to make a great salsa. Now we are already planning to go at it again during the summer of 2021. Hopefully this year we can get a better yield and have a few more fruits.

Check out the article below to see the health benefits of growing and maintaining your own garden. Whether you live in the city or a subdivision there is always plenty of dirt to grow a nice little garden!


Gardening is a great hobby to have, especially now in Covid times. If gardening isn’t your thing perhaps this article might make you reconsider.   Here are six proven health benefits of gardening originally posted on 1. It improves brain health Since it requires the use of your cognitive functions, research shows that gardening is […]

The Proven Health Benefits of Gardening — Commercial Yard Maintenance

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