Check Out Some of These Weekend Events Happening Around Muskegon.

Hard to believe this weekend marks the unofficial “end of summer.” I think most would agree that 2020 has been a summer like no other! As strange as it was, I can say I still enjoyed almost every minute of it. Am I ready for things to return to “normal?” Yep, but lets make the best of what’s left of 2020!

So with that said, there are still plenty of weekends of beautiful warm weather before the cold and snow gets here. Lets use this weekend to take advantage of some of the great activities we have going in Muskegon. I’ve posted a few of the activities happening this holiday weekend, but for a full list be sure to check out the website for an up to date calendar of local events!

Hats and Horses is a party with a purpose! Themed around the Kentucky Derby, this 3rd annual event is full of excitement.
Help all the mastodons celebrate their birthdays by finding and visiting all of them.  Grab a brochure from the museum or portico of the Visitor Center (look up when you do!) Or download the web version here
Snap the perfect photo in their field of brilliant yellow sunflowers during the Sunflower Festival at Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo!  Capture special memories and even take home a few beautiful blooms.
Lazarus J. Finn (Lazo) began his music career at 15 years old with a band called Black Blood. As an award-winning reggae artist, Lazo was awarded Top Reggae Performer of the Year from the Canadian Reggae Music Awards.
Boomtown Market in Downtown Muskegon invites you to free Draft, Craft Beer & Wine Tastings every Saturday starting at 10 a.m. Sample unique Craft Beers on Tap from all around Michigan !
Start off your Saturday with some coffee and relaxing conversation. There is no set agenda. Jenga and adult coloring books are available for those that wish to partake.
Rootdown Yoga·Juice·Greens is excited to host in person yoga classes on the deck of the USS LST 393, located in the Mart Dock.  All Levels Welcome! 
A fun workout for all ages and fitness levels! Men and women both welcome! Beachwood Park 7-8 pm $2 Class Fee $1 Equipment Rental Facebook Group

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